Durga Saptashati

Durga Saptashati (Tamil)

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This book has been composed in a very simple language for the devotees, who want to learn and recite śrī durga saptaśati (dēvī māhātmyaṁ). The book includes the traditional ēkādaśa nyāsaḥ, "svāhā" markings for the 700 ślōkas (including bījātmaka version) and the chapter-wise ghōṣaṁ for caṇḍī hōmaṁ. This is an ideal book to guide all devotees in pārāyaṇa (recitation)/pūjā (worship) and related rituals of tarpaṇaṁ, mārjanaṁ and prōkṣaṇaṁ . This book is based on 'Guptavati' , the magnum opus of śrī bhāskararāya makhin . This book not only includes the popular trayāṅgaṁ version but also the navāṅgaṁ version. The pūjā (worship) section of the book contains detailed instructions for performing the ṣōḍaśa upacāra pūjā (based on “śrī sūkta pūjā vidhānaṁ”), caṇḍī navāvarṇa pūjā, caṇḍī triśatī hōmaṁ and related rituals of tarpaṇaṁ, mārjanaṁ and prōkṣaṇaṁ.

Beginners will find it very easy to learn the various nyāsas and mudrās from the detailed pictures and illustrations provided with related simple explanations provided (eg. kara/hr̥dayādi nyāsa / mānasika pañcōpacāra pūjā / āvāhanādi mudrāḥ/ naivēdyādi mudrāḥ). Senior upāsakās and śadhakās will appreciate the aṣṭāvadhāna sēva mantrāḥ, āśīrvāda mantrāḥ and śānti mantrāḥ provided in pūjā section. By the blessings of śrī jagadambā , this book will certainly act as a catalyst in further spiritual progress of both the beginners as well as the senior practitioners.

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