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A Life, Less Ordinary

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“A Celebration of Life, Death, Hope and everything in between!”

Join Aanan.

A millenial on his Self-Discovery.

What if between our scheduled routines, our happiness blooms and the matchsticks of hope get ignited but are flickered?

We all have been hopeless at times, but what if it creeps inside us and we feel a surge to seek answers?

Can that soul-search make this life less-ordinary?

How emotional can a mundane account of life be?

Because sometimes even questions have a story!

Written by Kirti Changlani

This book delves deep into Human psyche and Life.

This is a short and profound read which will force you to think on all those questions you have pondered upon, once again!

This story captures the unusualness of this life at a minisculate level.

You are sure to find all the poetic colours and emotions in this one!

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