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4:44:44 Hours; 22-Jan-2010, Palace-mates Palace

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The book is based on true events that took place on 21st and 22nd Jan 2010 for a group of 9 friends. We were a group of friends, and colleagues, who planned to stay together close to the office location. We started with 5 staying together, which later got added further and finally became 9. We were more like a family than friends staying together, with a lot of sharing and caring towards each other. And in the particular flat, they stayed together for almost a year, and later few got shifted to some other cities, due to new job offers. And those who were working there, continued further, and it is considered as a lucky flat by most of us. We had a memorable time, staying together, and had a lot of fun always. We were having a feeling that, the flat was like our own house. The only incident, which made us get our heads heated up, to conclude, was this incident. So, this has been narrated here, in the perspective of every Palace mates. Yes, we consider the flat as “Palace”, as we had a good number of the best moments of our lives.

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